Cryptocurrency Investor, Protect Yourself!

Every cryptocurrency investor is a target of investment frauds with different forms. Whether you’re investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies, you should carefully protect your investment. Scams are everywhere and become a significant threat aside from cybersecurity attacks. On the other hand, the volatile nature of cryptocurrency trading drives a high risk of investment losses. You should manage threats and risks with reliable protection to prevent you from losing money in cryptocurrency trading.

Comprehend The Nature of Crypto Market

The primary protection is by taking the knowledge about the nature of the crypto market as your principal. Yes, the fact that the crypto market is volatile isn’t a joke. Cryptocurrency is highly fluctuating, which makes it riskier than fiat currency trading. Some cryptocurrencies, especially the new ones, are even more volatile, so buying a token could be a safer investment. Cryptocurrency values can go up and down very dynamically. Please take it as your principle no matter what crypto pair you’d trade.

Hiring an investment lawyer is also an excellent mitigation step if you’re planning to invest in new crypto projects and digital trading currencies with regulated investment strategies. They can help you with valuable advice and handle investment complaints.

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Acknowledge The Whole Concepts

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there are complex concepts you should acknowledge. Without comprehension of blockchain technology and how it works, investing in cryptocurrency would double the risk. Before tools or any assistance, your knowledge in cryptocurrency trading is fundamental protection. Investors of cryptocurrencies don’t know the coins’ actual value, making these digital currencies very volatile. You should also beware of investment scam sites that target digital currency investors. Increase your knowledge and keep updated with crypto market news.

Chances of Adoption

Cryptocurrency investment is highly speculative because it bases its value on the use of the coins for transactions. We can’t count on the adoption plan and progress of cryptocurrency while nothing is certain in this area. For easy understanding, either we or crypto issues don’t know where they will accept the digital currency, let’s say, as a strong-contending alternative or replacement of fiat currency. You should take this fact into account to protect yourself from investment losses when investing in cryptocurrency.

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Research on Adoption Factors and Applications

While the current crypto market is highly volatile, you can research adoption changes and factors. These include what kind of services or products backup their ICO to identify how people adopt the coins. Generally speaking, the more services and products needed, the higher score they have. For example, some successful ICO projects run browsing services required by (potentially) millions of people. Again, you should deepen your knowledge in blockchain technology to determine whether the investment would be profitable. You can also research other factors, including regulations, government, society, and the global market. Some applications may be contextually relevant to particular aspects but not for others.

Diversify Your Cryptocurrency Investment

The ultimate protection of your cryptocurrency investment is by diversifying your portfolio. Volatility is inevitable, but by recognizing the risks, you can manage preferences on digital currencies you want to invest in as well as the stake. You can diversify your investment by investing in multiple digital currencies instead of one.


cryptocurrency investment

Below are some steps to follow before actually making a digital currency investment:

  • You need to understand the digital coins you want to put your money on.
  • Develop your preferences and make a list of cryptocurrencies for your investment.
  • Go to the top three or top five to diversify your crypto investment.

Even though it would vary for each person, you can diversify based on blockchain technology, applications, acceptances, and so forth. You should beware that there’s no absolute measure of best practices, but the diversification allows you to manage the risks that double thanks to the volatile cryptocurrency market. As you invest your money in multiple cryptocurrencies, you will not lose all of your money if one of them drops.

Check The Airdrop

If you’re hunting ICOs instead of those “established” cryptocurrencies, then you must check the airdrop sites, which are legit references for such investment portfolios. These sites aren’t investment platforms, but they’re crypto coins or ICO distribution platforms that host various projects with stats and addresses. New crypto projects or ICOs usually promote their offering through an airdrop.

Airdrop sites provide investors with valuable advantages, especially the beginner ones. There, you can compare offerings from diverse ICOs conveniently and remove investor scam sites from your list. These sites have filter features and a user-friendly interface that allows you to review the offerings quickly. The platform hosts a direct link to the addresses to directly navigate to crypto projects’ sites that you’re interested in. Compared to randomly researching the offerings, you can save time and resources by using the airdrop sites.

Beware of Buy-and-Sell Strategy

While there are small chances to gain quick profit from established coins, many people try their luck on alternative currencies. This step is undoubtedly tricky as they usually invest a large sum of money to increase their coins’ value. They try to hype up the coins and might be inspired by the “blue ocean strategy” with a vision to elevate the value.
The idea is to buy cheap coins and sell them at higher prices as the strategy works. However, the timing is a fundamental element in this strategy and it’s still precarious. If you fail to hold and sell at the proper time, you’d likely lose your investment. Of course, if you make it, you’d potentially bank huge profits from your coins. The diversification rule is still applied even for such crypto holding strategies.


As you’ve seen above, high volatility is the primary reason why you should be protective of your crypto investment. In general, cryptocurrency investment possesses the highest risks among other commodities to invest in. The major attraction could have been the market pop that makes quick money for former investors but unlikely to happen again anytime soon. If you’re still interested in digital currency investment, diversification is a top-notch strategy to manage the high risk while potentially securing a sum of profits.

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