Binary options refers to very exotic financial set ups where the gains or pay off is either some high fixed monetary amount or absolutely nothing. So, it is a winner takes all or loser loses all system where you can either win all or lose all. It is a very typical high risk high reward structure.
It is done by throwing a guess. If you guess the direction of movement of the price of the said item as at the time of expiry, you earn a ore-determined amount of money but if not, you lose all your stake. Binary options Sometimes is used in asset pricing but they are very susceptible to fraud in how they are run so majority of jurisdictions have placed bans on them as they see them as a form of gambling and majority of them are perceived as fraudulent. There are no regulations in the binary options industries and so a lot of people lose money daily. Majority of the operators are con artists and they make multi millions from defrauding people of
their hard earned resources.

Binary options can be very tempting because it is a get rich quick scheme. With little or almost no effort at all, you can be in the comfort of your place and hit a lot of money. Funny thing is, in most cases where people make huge profits, they are prevented from cashing out because of the non regulated nature of these companies. They come back with other baits that discourages or prevents you from accessing your funds- both your investment and gain.

How do I recover my money lost in binary options?

There are a number of self help steps you can take. You must however note that your best approach is to hire a recovery company as they are more skillful and professional hence your recovery is more guaranteed through them. Alienwizbot stands tall in the league of recovery companies and you can be guaranteed of all your lost funds recovered.
Because of the fraudulent nature of binary options operators, one of the best ways to pull off the plugs on them is to push for a credit card reversal of your transactions. Just a charge back threat can quickly make the operators release your funds and let you go but the very best way to push this through is by hiring a professional recovery company like Alienwizbot.