How do I recover money lost to Forex scams in Europe

How do I Recover Money Lost to Forex Scams in Europe?

When it comes to the largest financial market in the world, Forex is ranks as the number one. Because, it records more than $5 trillion in trade every single day. It is also known as a foreign exchange that involves the process of selling and buying a particular kind of currency in exchange for another.


It is so popular and many people participate in forex trading. To such extent that, when you change your home currency to a foreign currency, you are dealing in the global foreign exchange.


Any financial exchange system such as forex is prone to scammers. Hence, it is better to prevent being a victim than suffering the loss thereof. Andthis warning may be coming late. Have you have lost your money to forex scam in Europe? then you don’t have to worry as this post is for you.


Note that the financial gains that come with foreign exchange are lucratively endless. However those who are not aware of risk management techniques will be expose themselves to unscrupulous people. These people will try to scam individuals through Forex trading scams.


Unfortunately, the forex market scam it will not stop as long as the system exists. The good part is that you can get the knowledge on how to avoid these scams, and the better part is that even when you fall prey, you can recover.


It Is true that most forex scammers usually go after beginners who may seem naive and uneducated in trading. So to prevent stories that touch, it is advised to get good Forex trading education, before you enter the markets.

How do I recover money lost to Forex scams

If you lost your money to forex scam, chill. There is a way!

We can understand your frustration especially especislly if you are a vivtim of forex trading scam. Being a victim of scam means you have lost a huge amount of money. And, even every hope of making profits from the trade.


But , the better thing is that there is a way you can recover this lost money. All you have to do is to contact the right source for help. So what is the solution to recover lost money to forex scam?

Contact Alienwizbot to recover money lost to Forex scams in Europe

By contacting Alienwizbot, you can recover your lost funds. A fraudster situation that you report to the public authority or a lawyer may not bring back a refund. But, contacting a professional recovery company like Alienwizbot will recover your fund.


Alienwizbot is a really sure way we can assure that you will get your lost money to forex scam refunded back to you. I bet you want to know more about Alienwizbot before going further to contact them. 

Why you should contact Alienwizbot to recover your lost funds on Forex

Alienwizbot is a company that has the full license to give forensics expert witness services to international clients including those in the United state, United Kingdom, and Australia on situations that has to do with scam and recovering stolen funds. This includes recovering funds thataree lost to scam on the global foreign exchange.


They know how to recover lost funds, and have equally helped a lot of scam victims worldwide in improving their funds. They can also assist anyone that have made bank deposits and that has used their credit card and debit card for paying. 


Forex trading fraud is almost inevitable, especially for beginners. It happens to most people every day! This is why it is always important to have a good education on forex trading before going into it. But be rest assured that you can get your funds recovered to you by contacting Alienwizbot

How to get money back from binary options UK

How to Get Money Back From Binary Options UK

The truth is that if you can properly understand the market trend and contact a regulated broker to sign up with, you will discover that the Binary option is not a risky business as many people do think.This article will disseminate the profitable strategies on how you can get your money back from binary options.

As experts in this field, we would want other traders and investors to excel in binary options rather than falling victims as those who lost money to scam.Peradventure you contact the wrong broker who decides to take a ride on you as an innocent trader.

We encounter a lot of people who have lost a huge amount of money to broker relating to binary options. Though, we can not deny the fact that these occurrences are becoming common. You cannot deny that not all binary options brokers manipulate their clients. And ,these victims have improper due diligence.

This eventuality creates a lot of myths about binary options. And, all that it stands for. There are many things profitable about Binary options. But, the issue of traders meeting scrupulous brokers and losing a huge amount of money becomes a thing of great concern. 

How to get money back from binary options UK

Do people lose money in trading binary options?

When it comes to Binary options, investors speculate two futuristic outcomes of a certain situation. Binaries are traded on events or on investments which include foreign currency, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

It seems to be a straightforward investment concept where you either gain or get nothing at all. However, stats have it that most binary options traders lose money and even up to 70% on some major platforms. So the answer is yes, you can lose money in trading binary options especially when you contact the wrong broker or you have little education on the trading strategies.

Can money loss be recovered?

Certainly, you can recover money lost in binary options. Though, it will be difficult. We understand how frustrating it is when no one answers your call. And the broker turns their back on when you lose money. The best solution to recover lost money on binary options is through an independent third-party. The paramount thing is to contact the best recovery company. Find one that has a high success rate in recovering your lost money back from binary options scam. 

This begs the question, what is the best recovery company that can help me recover lost money back from a binary options scam? 

Best way to recover  money from binary options scam – Alienwizbot

Yes, Alienwizbot is the solution. We have people who were once the victim of a scam in the binary options trade. But, was able to recover all my lost funds when they contacted Alienwizbot. 

You can get the right assistance and enlightenment on how things work and also the knowledge of trading strategies on binary options. If your money is stuck, contacting Alienwizbot will supply you with the proper assistance you need in order to withdraw your money from a scam broker.

Alienwizbot works with the shortest time frame to get your money back from binary options scam. This is possible as they have industry professionals who have a vast knowledge of how to process things.

We can not begin to count the large losses and saddening life-changing consequences that the binary options scam causes. Thankfully, we can not also begin to count the number of victims we attend to and help in getting their money back. With our highly targeted and strategic methods, we have the ability to take back control and expose scam flaws. This among other solid reasons is why we are best in helping you recover lost money back from binary options scams.

how to recover stolen cryptocurrency

How to Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency

We can not deny the fact that awful things can happen even when you believe cryptocurrency is secure. This article teaches you how to avoid scam. It also guides on how to recover stolen cryptocurrency. Fraud will continue to thrive as long as the system exists.

This is a great reality to even top traders because, without the proper trading education, your cryptocurrency could get stolen. However, it is quite relieving that there are some things one can incorporate in order to recover stolen cryptocurrency. 

It is a very infuriating and frustrating when you lose cryptocurrency funds into an unprofitable and fraudulent cause. It is for these reasons that we share this article. To analyze how they steal cryptocurrencies , how to recover it and  how to prevent your cryptocurrency from getting stolen. 

How are cryptocurrencies stolen?

 If anyone is able to obtain your private keys, such a person can transfer cryptocurrencies from your wallet to themselves. In this way, such a person has stolen coins from your wallet. A private key is so fragile that user needs to sign the transaction with it. They use it for the cryptocurrency that they want to send to another person on the Blockchain.

There are majorly two channels through whcih people steal cryptocurrencies. Scammers can steal coins form hot wallets or coins from cold wallets.

As regards cryptocurrencies missing from a hot wallet, people store private keys on the internet in cloud storage.  It is most likely that hackers can get hold of your private keys and once this happens, it is equally possible that they will steal your coins from your wallet. So this is an area you need to be vigilant as a user.

On the other hand, cold wallets are considered safer for cryptocurrency than a hot wallet. This is mainly because they do not involve internet connection. This creates a very slim chance for hackers to get hold of your private keys. Cold wallets owners store private keys are in physical devices such as external hardware devices or even writing them on a paper. 

If you are too concerned about losing your crypto pi by misplacing your private key to hackers, then you may consider the cold wallet option. However, be aware that you can not always make transactions using a cold wallet. Also, it is quite impossible to store multiple cryptocurrencies in one wallet.

recover stolen bitcoin

So what are the steps you can take in recovering missing cryptocurrencies?

Many modes through which one can steal your cryptocurrency exists. Regardless, there are actually some steps that you can take below. We explain the steps in such a way that you need to follow them once the alarm arises. It is possible to recover lost and stolen cryptocurrencies, and it is very difficult. But do not let your emotions control you. Try to get your money back by doing these:

Contact the trading platform

The first thing any victim will do is to contact the trading platform. most times, it is better to threaten them by telling them they will be reported to financial public authorities if they do not guarantee a refund. Most time this is the point where cryptocurrencies are compromised.

Report them 

The next and perhaps the most important step is to report them to a financial authority. But the best option is to report them to a recovery firm that can help you get your money back. It is to this end that we recommend Alienwizbot as the best recovery company to consult.

Reach out to your cryptocurrency wallet provider

When you confirm the company you trade with are scam, it helps when you contact your cryptocurrency wallet provider. The essence of this is not just to prevent other investors from being scammed but also to destroy the scam relationship with the crypto wallet.

Go for legal counsel

The last option, which may not sound really effective but apparently necessary is to seek legal counsel. Many people who have their cryptocurrency stolen may not have an interest in consulting a lawyer as their fee can be outrageous. But if you want a more legal and effective approach to crypto scam company and how to rescue your stolen money, you may need legal advice.

While there are endless financial gains in cryptocurrency investment, investors, especially beginners, should be aware of the risk and tricks of crypto scammers out there. If you have a problem recovering any of your stolen cryptocurrencies, you can always contact a professional recovery company such as Alienwizbot.

binary options canada

Binary Options Canada – What you need to know

You probably know what the Binary option is. It is a trading investment with a prediction that can be either right or wrong.  An investor bets that a given asset will be above or below a certain point after a fixed amount of time. This article focuses on Binary options in Canada – What you need to know.

 It is popular worldwide and you can do it anywhere. But when it comes down to the process of doing it, there are are some exceptions. Some countries operate under some rules and regulations that do not subscribe to the trading of binary options. A typical example of some of these countries includes Canada

In Canada, while government allows citizens participate in binary options, the laws restrict the trading itself. Therefore making it illegal. In order words, a broker does not have the authority to operate in Canada.  However, there are some other options on how people do it.

Canada is among the countries with strict laws regarding its trading. A binary option is seen as a risky investment scheme for domestic investors in Canada. However, note that each county has an agency that regulates the system and overall trading process. Residents in Canada can however search for well-to-do brokers elsewhere where the binary options trading is legal. 

binary options canada

Is binary options trading legal in Canada?

 There are many residents in Canada who want to really know if it’s legal to trade binary options in Canada and whether legal brokers operate within the country. 

Well, it is difficult to become straightforward about the subject. The existing rules in Canada make it difficult to say for sure the extent to which it allows binary options . 

Currently, you can not handpick a broker with a license or a regulatory binary options broker in Canada. But they do not restrict Canadian binary options traders to use the services of brokers from other countries where it is fully legal.  

There are reputable brokers in favorable jurisdictions like Japan or Cyprus that Canadians can do tradings with. These are offshore areas where it is pretty much possible for Canadian citizens to trade binary options.

Important questions people ask about binary options in Canada 

Are binary options legal in Canada?

 There are many investors in Canada who are rapidly developing interest in binary options trading. Subsequently, there have been questions about whether it is entirely legal in countries like Canada. It is strongly affirmative that there will be no prosecution for those who go online to look for offshore brokers to trade from Canada since there is really no information that exists in the Canadian authority body that revolves around its trading and legality.

 Among the many financial authority bodies of Canada, binary options trading is not specifically mentioned on provincial and even national level.

 Will Canadian government apprehend binary options traders ?

 It is safe to say that binary options investors can freely register with an online broker and start since there is currently no known law about it. Again, there is no solid ground and basis for the government to persecute traders.

 Most Canadian investors contact online brokers from the offshore to trade with. Also, traders from all over the country can legally and freely trade. Since, there is no province legislation concerning binary options trading.

 Where can you find a list of reputable offshore brokers?

 Well, traders from Canada will have to go online and search for offshore brokers themselves as there is no regulation on binary options made by Canada financial authorities yet, unlike other countries. In order words, the body has not created any list of reputable brokers where traders can search from. It is best to find the ideal broker that is available and this can be very easy when you make good research.

 What assets should Canadian investors trade?

 It is better for Canadians to trade with assets related and relevant to the united state as they seem to have more liquidity and volume to foreign brokers. We often advise that traders trade assets that relate to where they live. However, beneficial to this maybe we don’t see it as the best profitable option. We believe that foreign brokers have no interest in some assets. Like Canadian commodities, indices, stocks, or currency. And even if they are assets of interest, only a few foreign brokers would see it profitable.

 Facts about Binary options fraud in Canada

 As mentioned earlier, one of the factors that contribute to the ban of brokers in Canada is because the Canadian financial authorities deem it to be a risk for domestic investors. The Internet-based trading platforms that most of these binary options platform trade through do not often comply with the United State regulatory requirements, in such a way they could engage in illegal activity.

 In order not to be a victim, it is better to be abreast of some too-good-to-be-true promotion scheme that is usually offered in binary options trading platforms.

Are you a victim of binary options scam in Canada? Recover your money today with Atrium Recovery. Click to Read More.

how to recover scammed bitcoin

Recover Your Losses from Bitcoin Scam

We understand how frustrating it is when innocent people are faced with the horrifying victimization of online fraudsters. Especially if you are a newbie to the crypto world, bitcoin can be very complex and confusing. It is on this basis that a lot of scammers try to attack those who are new to Bitcoin.

Since it is better safe than sorry, we have developed this post to enlighten you on the common scammer schemes that most people tend to fall into as well as how you can recover scammed bitcoin.

There is a lot you can do to protect yourself from Bitcoin scam, as well as steps to take once you are scammed, in order to recover your bitcoin.

Just like some of the few popular cryptocurrencies that we probably know of, Bitcoin is a form of digital asset or money that can be exchanged in a similar way to normal currency.

recover scammed bitcoin

Understanding how bitcoin get scammed

The only form of trace attached to cryptocurrency, in general, is a digital record of the transaction as there is no physical money attached. This digital record of transactions is what is called Blockchain.

For every sold cryptocurrency and account credited, they are verified in a historical record by each computer in the network. This is actually what the blockchain is.

To this end, transactions are not issued or monitored by public authorities or even central banks. This also transcribes that cryptocurrencies do not have equal legal status as physical money or coins.

It also means that there will be no compensation whatsoever if something goes wrong. While it is quite advantageous for many business owners and crypto enthusiasts, online fraudsters have bootstrapped on this by faking bitcoin transactions and scamming innocent users.

Bitcoin has become well known, more people have sought to acquire it, but if you happen o be among the many that fell prey to bitcoin scammers, there is still hope.

Know this:

The only possible way to recover scammed bitcoins back is by hiring recovery experts to help you break into the firm’s database security system, extract your file and get back your bitcoins.

However, there is a need to consult a highly professional organization that consists of recovery experts. This is where organizations like Alienwizbot comes to your aid. Click here to contact us today and let’s help you recover 80% of your scammed bitcoin.

What are the steps to take after I have been scammed?

  • The first thing that should come to mind after being scammed is to report the investment company involved.
  • You should also understand that you can’t do it alone even if you are a seasoned crypto enthusiast. You need to help with the problem.
  • Another effective step is to contact your card issuer or bank about the situation.
  • Having understood that digital transactions are not monitored or backed by public authorities, it may be wise to seek legal counsel concerning then situation at hand.
  • Lastly and most importantly on the steps, you should take once you are scammed bitcoin is to contact a recover company such as Alienwizbot.

We have created and set aside for victims a program on how to recover bitcoin so that these victims will be helped in recovering their lost funds.

How do I avoid being scammed?

It is better safe than sorry. There are some things you need to educate yourself with so that you don’t fall prey to these online fraudsters as there are so many of them out there with so many tricks.

This should not scare you away from the financial benefits attached to cryptocurrency. These are the few important things to also keep on a check to avoid being scammed.

  • It is not safe to click just any link coming from a source you are not familiar with.
  • Secondly, there are some offers that are too good to be true. You should not fall for it as it can be a gimmick or scam trap.
  • One of the ways to always make sure you are not in contact with scammers is to always check the URLs.
  • Some investment companies come with several tricks that will most likely work on new users. It is safer to carefully make research on the broker or investment company you are dealing with so that you don’t become another victim. Alienwizbot is a global frontier in forensic investigation, recoveries, data analysis, training, and consultancy services. 

We are a 21st century compliant forensic firm with a full-fledged commitment to excellence in service delivery.

In conclusion, these steps shared in this article will definitely help you in recovering scammed bitcoin. Above all, make sure you contact a recovery company and you can be sure to get the help you need.

I hope this guide has given you some insights on how to avoid being scammer bitcoin by scammers.